Lesley Hayden-Hock

Gluten Free and Celiac Specialist

Lesley is a one-of-a-kind travel agent. She loves serving her clients and looks forward to every day at work as a new adventure. Her years as a travel agent have given her first-hand knowledge of many destinations in the world, and she prides herself in finding the perfect vacation for each client. In fact, she has won many awards for her expertise and level of client service.  Lesley has been especially excited over the last few years about the opportunity to work with many clients with Celiac Disease, who require special assistance ensuring the meals on their vacation will be gluten free. Lesley’s hard work and attention to detail on behalf of her clients ensures they are able to have a worry-free vacation at the resort and cruise destinations she helps them select.

When working with Lesley, you can rest assured that she will work directly with the executive chefs in advance of your trip to ensure your gluten free dietary requirements are met. She has established wonderful relationships with many resorts, cruises, and spas -- and can easily reserve spaces for her clients. Lesley helps you with all the research and legwork, which is a huge time-saver for you. She can suggest many "gluten-free friendly" options you may not have thought of -- and compare pricing to find you the best deal. Because of her relationships, Lesley often has access to savings not available to the general public, even online.

Contact Lesley at lhayden@travelleaders.com or call 508-879-6110 or 800-487-6110.


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"Lesley immediately made me feel comfortable by asking me if I was gluten free by choice, gluten intolerant, or had Celiac Disease. Once I identified myself with Celiac Disease, she discussed some possibilities with me.

Upon deciding on a destination, Lesley called the resort and discussed my needs with the Head Chef. After she confirmed that they could accommodate my dietary needs, she then contacted me for my approval to book a reservation. Lesley then arranged our vacation and a meeting with the head chef upon our arrival. She even called the resort again one week before I was to arrive to confirm my gluten free requirements and my meeting with the Head Chef.

Throughout my stay, my concerns and anxiety regarding my gluten free requirements became more and more alleviated. The meals that we were served were delicious, and we were not restricted to a limited menu. Upon my return home Lesley contacted me to make sure that everything went as planned.

Since then Lesley has been my travel agent and has arranged all of my vacations. On one occasion when I wanted to go to particular destination, she called all the resorts and discussed my gluten free requirements. She then called me and said that none of the resorts made her feel comfortable regarding the gluten free diet and she recommended alternatives." - R. Connolly, Jr., Eatontown, NJ

"I met Lesley Hock through the Gluten Free Travel Site last year while my husband and I were thinking about a tour to Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Lesley helped us select a great 10-day tour which included all three cities. Unfortunately, several months before our vacation, the tour company cancelled our trip date offering us an alternate departure date. This new date did not work with our schedules, so after considering other tour options we opted to plan our own trip. With Lesley’s guidance and expertise, we created our own tour including flights, hotels, transfers, city tours, and train tickets. Looking back, I am so grateful that our original tour company didn’t work out as planned. The vacation we planned with Lesley was perfect!

It does help that Lesley is delightful to work with. She is not only extremely knowledgeable about all things relating to travel, but has the personality to help you through any concerns, or freak out moments, you might have about your trip. One of my major fears was not having gluten free choices in Eastern Europe, and Lesley offered options to help me navigate my dietary challenges. I even had gluten free draft beer in Prague! We highly recommend her services". -L. Iden

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